Are personal blogs still a thing?

Judging from some deleted posts still hanging around in the bottom of my WordPress trash can, the last time I attempted to blog in a serious manner was close to 4 years ago now. I guess you can say that life just got in the way, and like most people – I became accustomed to the instant gratification of tweets and Facebook posts containing nothing but emojis and exclamation points. Who has time to write sentences anymore when you can just slap down a picture of a winky face, share a funny cat picture, and call it a day?

Maintaining a personal blog for a woman my age seems to be more daunting than ever because I just don’t fit any criteria of the 30-something year old female blogosphere. A quick google search on the subject pulls up hundreds of pastel colored women with straight teeth smiling up at the sky while holding their cherubic offspring and screaming out gluten-free recipes at the top of their lungs. That’s a lot of pressure to try and emulate, especially for someone who looks and feels like they’ve only just began to crawl out of the proverbial bog and join the other land-accustomed folk.


That’s right Geoffrey, you little shit!

The problem I fall into time and time again when it comes to keeping any sort of online presence is that I am constantly evolving and changing who I am as a person. Life seems to hit me in waves and they’re either high and surfable, or low and full of snippy little crabs. What I may have no problem writing about publicly one day, could be something I want to keep to myself another. Writing privately also usually dissolves into nothing but elongated vowels and moans where I howl out my frustrations like some sort of mighty beaver baying at the moon, so that’s no good either nor is it healthy or even remotely human.

I am a boring person. I don’t have any life changing advice, I don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet, and I highly doubt anything will ever be gained from any and all ill-attempts to keep this thing current and fresh. That’s where the personal aspect comes in I guess, in that I am writing for myself, to digitize and preserve memories that would probably be quickly forgotten otherwise by my questionable, confused little brain.

So hello there, world! Here I am trying this again.

4 thoughts on “Are personal blogs still a thing?

  1. YAY! I’m so glad that you are blogging again! (I don’t feel so alone now.) ;)

    I think people like you and me are a refreshing addition to the blogosphere because we can give our unique perspectives without the pressure of fitting into certain blogger molds.

      No monetary sponsors or cults holding our loved ones hostage here! Just honest opinions and rants!

  2. You should continue to blog. Personal blogs are not supposed to be about life changing advices. They are an outlet and nobodies life is too boring to written about. I hope you decide to stick with your blog.

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