Smear THIS mammal on your hair for RESULTS

I have a secret. It’s not even a sexy secret, but one of those bad ones where you will shame me from beyond the back-lit screen you’re viewing this on. It’s also something I absolutely know better than to keep doing, but I get curious and it always bites me in the ass. I’m one of those assholes that keeps reading click-bait articles.


I spent my morning googling christian comics because of this…

There. I have given my confession. I’m not Catholic, so no penance for me!

Anyway, along with my secret internet addiction to reading the aforementioned articles online, I also fall prey to browsing opinion posts where the individual makes lists and reasons why we should or should not do a certain thing. It’s cool, really. People can do and say pretty much anything online, but be prepared for the engagement of different minds, especially if you’re posting in a public setting. Not everything you say and do is going to be contained in an agreeable echo chamber forever! Also, question EVERYTHING. Is a popular blogger telling you and your peers to smear the anal glands of a small mammal on your hair to cure diabetes? Don’t be afraid to say “HEY!” or I guess “HEY?” in question format and research that claim. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Anyway, I was reading this article the other day and it sat funny with me. Maybe the gist of it went over my head because I am a unkempt bag lady and a literal pox on fashion and beauty rules everywhere, but did anyone else feel pressure and anxiety reading this list? I mean, I get looking your best in these scenarios TO A DEGREE, but some of these “rules” made me laugh out loud. I wholeheartedly agree with number 12 though, but for comfort reasons and 29 because your skin needs love, but that’s basically it. You wanna wear a shit-load of accessories and that florescent 80’s style windbreaker? You do you! You make it you! I don’t know about anyone else, but when I am dating someone, I’d rather see them as the slob they are in the beginning of it all than to find out later that the brushed hair and cologne was a well calculated RUSE.


We are not birds! Your plumage does not count if you can’t keep it up for the long run!

Anyway, this blog post was supposed to be about something else entirely, but whatever. A post is a post I guess, so here you are.

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