Little House on Mars

Oh man, if my previous posts haven’t tipped you off about my possible insanity yet then this one is going to be a doozy. I always joke about this site being the downfall for my potential political career when I am older, so let’s hammer the final nail into that coffin by proclaiming the following: I am borderline obsessed with UFO’s and aliens. I’ve even written about them before.


I took this picture 14 years ago in downtown Lethbridge when I needed reference material for an art project. CLOUD? WEIRD LIGHT REFLECTION? We will never know!

And in that same breath, let me also wave my arms around and plead my case of also being a HUGE skeptic when it comes to this specific interest. I honestly believe that over 98% of the stuff you see online and on TV are either misidentified known objects/phenomenons or straight up hoaxes. The last 2% fall into either cool military test shit or actual things we have no idea about, so technically UFO’s.

The whole alien/abduction/contactee shindig is interesting as hell to me and I feel was the 20th century version of fairies, goblins, and being spirited away. SO many people feel like they’ve had weird things happen to them at night, but how do we explain it? Run of the mill night terrors/dreams? A by-product of medication? WHO KNOWS! What about implants? So weird! Even if it all turns out to be one huge collective hoax, it’s definitely a roller coaster of human ingenuity and imagination.

There’s three events in history (and arguably the most famous) that have me a little bit stumped though because of a whole bunch of little pieces that point to maybe an inkling of truth. Roswell, Betty & Barney Hill, and Travis Walton. I guess there’s also Whitley Strieber, but I am leaning more on the fantastical side when it comes to him. Love his books, and he/his late wife honestly seem like lovely, curious people – but knowing his beginnings as a fictional author and some other inconsistencies that fall into that frame makes me wonder if he is pulling a big ol’ L. Ron Hubbard on us all.

Roswell is a neat case, because whatever happened that July in 1947 was something that nobody – especially the military was 100% on the ball to deal with and I’m gonna liken the whole thing to a chicken running around with its head cut off bleeding everywhere. These weren’t some slack-jawed yokels hootin’ and hollerin’ over a big shiny deflated weather balloon, but what the hell was really going on? If this was an unfortunate crash of a military test/those gosh dang Soviet bastards, why 70 years later has this not been declassified yet?


Either way, it’s been a great marketing gimmick for the entire town. Imagine the sights to be seen inside this Walmart! 

Betty and Barney Hill also deserve a second glance at in my opinion. First of all, this was the early 60’s and a time where if you were an interracial couple in America, the last thing you really wanted to do was call attention to yourselves – especially over little green men from outer space. These two were also smart, respectable people that held good jobs and had good relationships with the people in their town and church. If this really was a fantastical call for attention, then it’s a good, extremely though-out and thorough one. One thing for sure is that this specific occurrence paved the way for most modern abduction claims, but what exactly DID happened to this couple that night?

Travis Walton was a logger working in east-central Arizona when while travelling with his crew in their work truck, they came across a giant hovering craft in the forest. Long story short, Walton got out of the truck to get a closer look at the object, the object zapped the shit out of him, and his coworkers freaked out and immediately fled the scene. Initially officials thought that Travis was murdered by his crew or that fowl play was involved, but when Walton showed up cold and disoriented 5 days later, he recounted the same story as his crew mates and much more.



Many people were involved in this specific case, and their testimonies have remained solid after all these years. Travis himself is a pretty big deal in the UFO community and regularly attends/speaks at events. He even had a movie made about him. I don’t know about anyone else, but if that was me, I wouldn’t want to be reminded of the horrific events every day for the rest of my life (even if $$$), but to each their own I guess!

Did you know that July 2nd is world UFO day? Hence this ridiculous post.

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