I hate being hot, I hate being cold, I hate being in the pot 9 days old.

I’ve been on the outs this week once again due to back pain and trying to rest an injury from Canada day. We’re also in the throes of a good ol’ fashioned prairie heat wave, so my body is beginning to melt and fuse into the couch which is as disgusting as it probably is unsanitary. I’ve been refraining from having the air conditioner on too much because of strangely high energy bills these last 2 months, but today it’s on and IT IS GONNA STAY ON.

In other back related news, I started physio this past week and it’s been an overall positive experience. I have no idea what the therapist is saying or doing to me – but it was a wonderful feeling being able to walk out of there on Wednesday without my spine and hips being a puffy, inflamed mess. After my session on Friday, I was pretty darn sore, but in high spirits since I’m finally getting it all sorted out and properly tended to. It also helps when you finally find someone who doesn’t rolls their eyes at your claims and then chucks a pill bottle at your head for “pain management”. I’m still relatively young and shouldn’t have to take a Tramadol just to go to the grocery store, you know?


I am not allowing myself to succumb to this state this summer!

In other news, I felt my first earthquake early Thursday morning. I was getting ready to sleep by reading crap on my phone when the bed started shaking in a strange way. I’m used to things shaking in the apartment since the walls and floors are made out of paper and you can even feel the vibrations from people walking in the hallway, but this was different. The walls and ceiling also gave a loud creak and cracked as well. I wanted to text Kellan “lol earthquake!” but I was far too tired at this point to be dramatic and explain myself in follow up texts so I left it at that.

Turns out that there was an earthquake in Montana and it was felt across southern Alberta as well, so I guess I wasn’t being very dramatic after all. I talked to a few others who felt it and we all laughed how we’ll all probably just sit around and think we’re hallucinating if there’s ever an actual earthquake in our vicinity.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy my last day before returning back to my regularly scheduled workplace insanity. I also have a steeped tea that’s getting cold.

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