Hoodoo? You do!

I’m currently at the town’s laundromat trying to shove every article of clothing I own into one machine and trying not to catch the eyes of the vengeful owners up front. Next to me are a family that are new to the area and unfortunately do not have laundry amenities in their new home yet. Making small talk, I was asked how I like the area. “It’s a great place.” I replied in earnest. It was a simple reply for my complex relationship with Drumheller, but it’s my home now, and probably for quite a few more years.


Kellan and I moved here in 2010 for his new job, and as the love-struck girl I was back then, I would have literally followed him to HELL, or at least Norway. I visited Drumheller as a dinosaur obsessed 7 year old and had extremely fond memories of the place, if not slightly antiquated. FOSSILS! I thought. HOODOOS! BOYFRIEND!

The first year here was arguably one of the worst of my entire life. The town felt cliquey. I met the wrong people. I was wildly depressed and ostracized for silly reasons. I missed my family, and was such a mess that Kellan and I just about broke up because neither of us could deal with this snowball of problems rolling down shit mountain.

It took a long time to feel comfortable here, but I didn’t give up. I was here by choice. I was here because I wanted to be. Nobody was forcing me to stay here and be miserable, so why was I allowing myself to sit in the dark and turn into a rotten little mushroom?

So I went out. Got a different job and started slow. Met people, made a routine, and as time went on, I started to take root and flourish. When you stop being pessimistic, you start to notice more of the pros than the cons. There’s so much here, and so many people are trying their hardest to make this town a great place to be. We have good restaurants, good shops, and good locals. There’s theater, clubs, sports, and other things to keep the mind and body active. I’m still a huge homebody, but it’s so nice to know that I can pick up a phone or shoot a quick Facebook message off and have someone to hang out with or something to do.

I guess my my advice to anyone in a new place would be to give it an earnest shot and don’t let negativity overtake your judgement. Sometimes the location isn’t gonna work out and that’s fine. If you aren’t cut out for one place then move to the next, rinse and repeat. It’s a big crazy world out there after all.

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