Set your phasers to FUN! 

Last week a coworker of Kellan’s invited us over to her farm to play with BARN KITTENS! Long story short, after feverishly cat-proofing the apartment and throwing money at the local pet store, I brought one home with us on Friday. So far it’s been a very good decision and my life is now ENRICHED!


This is the first picture I saw of him and I knew we were meant to be!

His name is William Catner and he’s a very good boy so far. I was prepared for a world full of trouble, since kittens are usually little shitheads, but he’s already figured out his litter box, eats the food I give him, and purrs at EVERYTHING! I can’t get over how how easily he adjusted to all these new things in less than one weekend. When Henry was a baby, he was a literal terrorist for months, and we adopted Mr. Kitty as a senior cat, so we never got to know what kind of kitten he was – but man, am I thrilled with how this is all playing out. I LOVE HIM.


I’ve been bombarding social media with pictures and videos, but I can’t help it. Luckily my friend and follower list is mostly compiled of fervent cat lovers so I don’t think anyone truly minds.

Anyway,  cutting this short because KITTEN!


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