Does God ever speak through CATS?

I’m eating spicy phở and praying to the noodle gods that my face stops feeling like it’s gonna explode from the pressure of what I assume is something attacking my sinus cavity. Luckily I write my blog entries a few days in advance so I don’t have to sit on the computer too long tonight and can go back to my sweet sweet Netflix.

It’s beginning to feel like fall outside. Everything is still hot and green but I can feel it coming IN MY BONES. I love fall! I come alive in the fall and early winter! I wish fall lasted longer than two weeks in Alberta though. Oh how my body aches for a picturesque autumn like one of those on the east coast (minus all the New Yorkers screaming and fighting the vibrant foliage of course.)


This year however, the leaves had a cunning plan for revenge. 

This week has flown by and has arguably been one of the best ones in a long time. Having a new kitten is amazing and we’ve had absolutely zero issues with William so far. GOD DAMN I LOVE THAT CAT!


Yesterday was Will’s first visit to the vet clinic here in town and other than crying salty alligator tears because he had to go in his fancy plush-lined cat carrier for all of 20 minutes, he was a very good baby. Turns out he did have a case of ear mites so he had his ears professionally cleaned and then got de-wormed for good measure since he was a barn kitten and had a feral mother. I think Kellan was much more upset than Will was though and I was pretty much banished to one corner of the examination room so he could clutch the cat to his bosom and kiss him while the vet did his thang. Kellan is a tough cookie and your typical manly man except in one area apparently, and that’s kittens. It honestly makes me heart swell with love to see this huge guy protecting a tiny ball of fluff and claws with all his might.

William has also gained an entire pound since we got him last Friday, which is impressive! Thanks 30 dollar cat food!

In other news, I’m still in physio and it’s been amazing! I gush about it all the time in person because I have felt better in these last six weeks than I have in over a decade. I’ve also never woke up excited to go exercise until this summer and that’s a weird feeling for me to have.

I can move better, my flexibility has improved, and I don’t have nearly as much inflammation in the area. I still can’t lift shit, but that’s probably because my lower vertebrae looks like a squished Oreo. Improvements are improvements though!

Anyway, I started watching “The Mist” since it’s apparently a series on Netflix now and ehhh, it’s not bad but I don’t have that wonderful feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach like I did reading the story, or the movie. I guess I just wanted more monsters doing monster stuff and less CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.


MORE OF THIS PLEASE. Do a show on this guy. I want to know his likes/dislikes and grow to love his complex nature. Does he have a wife? Where does he work? I’d like to know!

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