Me too.

I’m finally at a point in my life and with my mental health where I can talk about this candidly. I’ve sat on this event for over a decade and a half out of fear and embarrassment I suppose, but sweeping this under the carpet like a dirty little secret only gives him power.

For years counsellors and other mental health professionals considered my ordeal a “grey area” and they weren’t sure how I could go about “healing”. Nowadays, what I dealt with is much more common and it’s nice to see that this next generation has access to the help that wasn’t available back in 2001.

I don’t even know where to start with this pile of shit. He was an incredibly charismatic con artist who used his LGBTQ status to weave and manipulate an incredibly touching sob story to reel myself and others into accepting him as family. From there so many lies unraveled and drama unfolded that it would take an entire novel to write out the shit he put us through. 

A lot of it was textbook narcissistic/sociopathic abuse. He was one step above us at every turn. If something started smelling fishy, he would derail us into something bigger and take our attention away from the small crack in his facade.

He “went away” to Vancouver for a while and came back HIV positive he said from his “risky lifestyle” in less than a year, that supposedly turned into full blown AIDS AND he was dying and needed us more than ever.

We did so much for him.

Anyway, long story short, he pretended to be a boy my age (15) online and pressured me into sexual stuff and some nude pictures. I remember when everything clicked and I realised it was him all along. Unfortunately he was already serving a jail sentence (for unrelated things) so I never got to say my piece or rocket-kick his testicles off his body.

I was already showing signs of depression before this happened, but this just made everything so much worse. I was so fucked up from everything and I still remember the horrible things I said to my parents back then. What happened was not their fault. None of it was. I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I also remember the night he called my Mom from jail and she told him that she. Knew. Everything. The venom that dripped from her voice permeated into the upstairs hallway where I crouched listening to the entire exchange. I believe my dad later visited him in jail and exchanged words as well, but we never really talked about it.

A few years later, two people close to me finally came forward that they too had been preyed upon by him. Both were coaxed into sexual situations, but I will leave it at that for the sake of anonymity and because it isn’t my story to discuss – but it was like the bandage had been ripped off all over again. How many people has this guy completely fucked up. We were minors. He was not.

So I vowed to remain an ever lingering shadow in his life. It was pretty easy to gain access to his Facebook account since I used the same tactics he did to me. From there I got his email and his phone number and first sent him my victim impact statement of sorts, and then let him know that I’m watching. I know his secrets. When he opened his brewery business in Penticton, when he was named young entrepreneur of the year, I was there, ready to ruin him. One of his other victims watches too, but they’ve always been a tell-it-as-it-is kinda person and got the message to him bluntly and perfectly many times scaring him into hiding. He SHOULD be afraid of us. Neither of us are afraid to lose freedoms over justice.

We never had to act on our threats, because he self destructs often. A person can only have so many demons on their back at one time after all.

So that pretty much brings us into the now. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m also not afraid to publicly name and shame him for the world to see.

Cameron Lawton is a pedophile.

One thought on “Me too.

  1. Carli! I am so very proud of you! You are now free of this part of your life! He will self destruct but Karma will get him 100 times over from other victims in his quest to commit sexual crimes towards
    young children! May he rot in the hellish world he has tried to put his victims in!

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