Hello! My name is Carli and this is my personal blog. It also may be destructive fodder to be used against me if I ever completely lose my mind and run for political office. I’ll leave that up to you, wayward viewer!

I’m in my 30’s and currently reside in Drumheller, Alberta – a whimsical town famous for its dead giant lizards and kitschy tourism. Not gonna lie, this place took a good amount of time to grow on me, but it’s home now, I know good people, and I’d even probably miss all the little concrete dinosaur statutes scattered haphazardly about if I ever had to leave.


What this blog isn’t (and will probably never be) is a mommy blog, a fitness blog, a wellness blog, or a blog affiliated or influenced with trends. My opinions and feelings are my own, and I am not invested in likes, comments, or popularity. This is pretty much a space for me, to talk about my interests, rant and rave in poor grammatical format, and keep as a digital memory to maybe look back on one day.

Anything else you want to know about me can probably be found scattered throughout this site in various entries. I’m a walking, blogging TMI.