I didn’t update last week because everything was on fire (literally) and I was at my parents for the duration which meant that I had to work as their slave in the sugar mines.

That is my official story and I am sticking to it.

Last week was the first week I missed blogging since April and I felt kinda bad about it. I’m also sorry to say that I may be blogging less and less in the future now because I am dying.

JUST KIDDING! I’m actually starting up something rad that will hopefully be much more successful and joyful to maintain. Everything is hush-hush for now though! SUPER SECRET!

I’m making pho and my cat has entered his terrible twos or something, so I must bid adieu.

Haters gonna hate, potaters gonna potate

I used to be a Lululemon fanatic and still have a lot of their apparel in my regular rotation of clothing. Most of it came from their “we made too much” section on their website or from lucky finds at Value Village. Kellan’s sister also gave me a butt-load of pants last year that have kept me adequately clothed so I haven’t purchased anything new in awhile, mostly because their quality has gone noticeably downhill and I find a lot of their new apparel too funky and unflattering for my potato shaped body.

Baking Potato side view

I’m lazy today. Pretend this potato has yoga pants on.

Lately I’ve been noticing that a lot of the clothing I eyeball at stores is not holding up to my standard of quality. I’m not one to swaddle myself in cashmere and luxury velour or anything, but if I am spending money on a new garment, it shouldn’t already feel like wet questionable paper on the rack pre-purchase.

I like to ask Google questions like a lonely old person, so I passively typed in “why are clothes so shitty these days?” and promptly tumbled down an interestingly jagged rabbit hole where you come out feeling super shitty and suspicious at the other end. I read up on fast fashion, the people who commonly make our clothes, and then how much of it gets thrown away. It’s gross, it’s not fair, and it’s incredibly disheartening.

In a nutshell, fast fashion is the now common practice of companies shucking out large amounts of subpar clothing that becomes obsolete once that particular fashion trend is over. The clothes and accessories are sold cheaply enough as a way to give the customer an excuse that it’s not really hurting them financially but in reality they are spending more to keep up with what’s popular, cute and in “season”.


All those clothes being churned out also means a lot more waste. Either from unworn/unbought items being tossed because they quickly fall out of fashion, or because their quality is such shit that you go to wear them once then rip the crotch out with an impromptu sexy leg lunge and toss them out that way.

Then there’s also the matter of who is producing this massive hoard of wayward apparel. Fabric has to be made, dyed, measured, cut and sewn not to mention other embellishments like buttons and zippers. To keep things cheap for the company and affordable on the consumer’s end, this means that the work is being outsourced overseas to areas where impoverished people will gladly work horrible hours in disgusting conditions in order to feed themselves and their families. Because of the standards set by both us, the buyer, and various company’s participation in fast fashion, more of these factories are gonna pop up, nobody is receiving fair pay or treatment, and we are literally being choked to death by our own patterned leggings.

It’s not just fashion either! The rampant supply and demand of consumerism is killing us all! KILLING. US. ALL.

Anyway, I’m a pretty passive human and I don’t really get overly excited or radiate activism, but the older I get, the more certain things bother me into taking them to heart and giving a sincere nod in their direction. Choosing where and when I spend my money is an easy way cause a little ripple on the sea.

Finding alternative clothing companies that promote an ethical and sustainable business model has been easier said than done, but they do exist! I’m also going to rely more on well made basics from the thrift store and try to be mindful of what I have in my closet already.

A friend of mine (who seems to be a bottomless pit of cool ideas and INSPIRATION TO ME) recently started up a rad company in my hometown, so I am gonna drop that link and buy a goddamn shirt when I get to Lethbridge because first of all it’s all about what I want to support, secondly the designs are cool as heck, and third – which is something I really want to stress about another time is supporting the little guy, your local mom and pop store, AKA A SMALL BUSINESS.

Do you make your own clothes or upcycle stuff in cool ways? Please let me know so I can admire you!

Does God ever speak through CATS?

I’m eating spicy phở and praying to the noodle gods that my face stops feeling like it’s gonna explode from the pressure of what I assume is something attacking my sinus cavity. Luckily I write my blog entries a few days in advance so I don’t have to sit on the computer too long tonight and can go back to my sweet sweet Netflix.

It’s beginning to feel like fall outside. Everything is still hot and green but I can feel it coming IN MY BONES. I love fall! I come alive in the fall and early winter! I wish fall lasted longer than two weeks in Alberta though. Oh how my body aches for a picturesque autumn like one of those on the east coast (minus all the New Yorkers screaming and fighting the vibrant foliage of course.)


This year however, the leaves had a cunning plan for revenge. 

This week has flown by and has arguably been one of the best ones in a long time. Having a new kitten is amazing and we’ve had absolutely zero issues with William so far. GOD DAMN I LOVE THAT CAT!


Yesterday was Will’s first visit to the vet clinic here in town and other than crying salty alligator tears because he had to go in his fancy plush-lined cat carrier for all of 20 minutes, he was a very good baby. Turns out he did have a case of ear mites so he had his ears professionally cleaned and then got de-wormed for good measure since he was a barn kitten and had a feral mother. I think Kellan was much more upset than Will was though and I was pretty much banished to one corner of the examination room so he could clutch the cat to his bosom and kiss him while the vet did his thang. Kellan is a tough cookie and your typical manly man except in one area apparently, and that’s kittens. It honestly makes me heart swell with love to see this huge guy protecting a tiny ball of fluff and claws with all his might.

William has also gained an entire pound since we got him last Friday, which is impressive! Thanks 30 dollar cat food!

In other news, I’m still in physio and it’s been amazing! I gush about it all the time in person because I have felt better in these last six weeks than I have in over a decade. I’ve also never woke up excited to go exercise until this summer and that’s a weird feeling for me to have.

I can move better, my flexibility has improved, and I don’t have nearly as much inflammation in the area. I still can’t lift shit, but that’s probably because my lower vertebrae looks like a squished Oreo. Improvements are improvements though!

Anyway, I started watching “The Mist” since it’s apparently a series on Netflix now and ehhh, it’s not bad but I don’t have that wonderful feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach like I did reading the story, or the movie. I guess I just wanted more monsters doing monster stuff and less CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.


MORE OF THIS PLEASE. Do a show on this guy. I want to know his likes/dislikes and grow to love his complex nature. Does he have a wife? Where does he work? I’d like to know!

Set your phasers to FUN! 

Last week a coworker of Kellan’s invited us over to her farm to play with BARN KITTENS! Long story short, after feverishly cat-proofing the apartment and throwing money at the local pet store, I brought one home with us on Friday. So far it’s been a very good decision and my life is now ENRICHED!


This is the first picture I saw of him and I knew we were meant to be!

His name is William Catner and he’s a very good boy so far. I was prepared for a world full of trouble, since kittens are usually little shitheads, but he’s already figured out his litter box, eats the food I give him, and purrs at EVERYTHING! I can’t get over how how easily he adjusted to all these new things in less than one weekend. When Henry was a baby, he was a literal terrorist for months, and we adopted Mr. Kitty as a senior cat, so we never got to know what kind of kitten he was – but man, am I thrilled with how this is all playing out. I LOVE HIM.


I’ve been bombarding social media with pictures and videos, but I can’t help it. Luckily my friend and follower list is mostly compiled of fervent cat lovers so I don’t think anyone truly minds.

Anyway,  cutting this short because KITTEN!



What I lacked in content last week will now be made up for this week.

On Monday a new family member flew into the world. My brother, being a bundle of nerves and questionable motions at even the best of times posted a quick selfie of him looking nonchalant with poor Tasha in the background riding the tugboat of pregnancy into the jagged rocks of contraction island. At first I laughed, but then I got concerned because that was definitely the face of pain and she was obviously having a very difficult time.

It’s so strange how childbirth can vary from person to person in such extreme ways. For example, a girl I was friends with in my early twenties would literally be like “OH! Time to birth a child!” And then go to the hospital and emerge half a dozen hours later with a baby in her arms no worse for wear. I think it was very similar for the birth of my brother’s other two children. A wham bam thank you ma’am kind of scenario. My spirit leaves my body the morning after Taco Time. That’s like 5 tacos on a good run. A baby is at least 15 tacos clumped together and that is horrifying to me.

Anyway congratulations Jonathan and Tasha especially for birthing this cute baby!


Her name is TRON McNUGGET! (just kidding! Sicily Marie-Lynn 7lbs 7oz)

In other news, I decided to dye my hair, and since I’m trying the natural route of things, this meant HENNA! 

I have a love/hate relationship with Lush. It’s really gimmicky and expensive, but you betcha that when I’m within a city block of a store my nostrils wildly flare and the endorphins in my brain react violently as if I hit the motherlode of all cocaine mines. (You mine cocaine, right?) I then have 50 seconds to squeegee my flesh across their glass storefront and touch a piece of soap or I DIE. It’s awful. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Anyway, long story short, application was like smearing cow shit on my head and I don’t care what anyone says – IT’S IS NOT AN EARTHY SMELL. It has been a full week and I am still getting whiffs of it every once in a while. Could be worse though and at least it isn’t that dank egg-y perm smell.

My hair was bright orange the first few days while everything oxidized or whatever it does and now it’s a pretty copper color which I actually really like. I also like how nice my hair feels after doing it. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve started getting really weird wire-y black hairs (are they precursors to grey hair?) and it takes a lot out of me to refrain from plucking them. The henna helped cover and mask them in better so I don’t pick myself bald.

The grocery store had a SALMON SALE, so that’s what’s on the menu tonight. I’m writing this while cooking it, but I think it’s done so BYE.